You might agree that the cost of TV subscriptions are simply ridiculous! Particularly when it comes to the content.

My neighbour introduced me recently to this IPTV supplier that offers hundreds of international channels (UK, French, Greek and much more) and an ‘on demand’ selection of movies.

Note: This is not a legal service and the below article is simply for educational purposes. I do not encourage you to break the law!

The link to the service is https://iptvatv.com/subscription/.

You do not need the “Plus” subscription is not needed, the simple one suffices:

💡 There is a free trial you can avail of, prior to purchasing.

You will need to create an account on the website, but be very careful with the information you input there: do not use your real email address, name or credit card details (use a fake name, a secondary email address and a disposable card details).

Depending on your TV model, you might need to purchase a small device for this service to work. You can use the Amazon TV stick that connects to the TV via HDMI (as suggested by the service provider) or any other TV box. 💡 There is a cheaper version too, but it seems to be a wee bit slower and does not support 4K.

There are some very clear set-up instructions on this link: https://iptvatv.com/how-to-use-iptvatv-on-firestick/

Note: Again, when it comes to payment, please make sure you use a disposable, virtual or pre-paid card.