Deleting my LinkedIn activity

Over the last few years, I have slowly taken myself off the social media. First went Instagram, then Facebook and now Twitter. LinkedIn and Reddit are the only ones remaining… for now.

But still, LinkedIn is quite damning, when it comes to privacy and controling the information you put out there. So I minimised, as much as I could. Left only the most relevant pieces and removed the rest.

After this cleansing, I must admit, I was happy enough.

There was still a huge trail left through the articles I had posted (thanks Google for indexing), the likes, the comments… So how to go about deleting years/decades of online social activity?

In comes Claudio Bizzoto and his magnifiscent script.

Granted, it is a bit cluncky, slow, throws tons of errors but,… it ultimately works (and by works I mean it is faster than deleting all of the activity manually)!

So… Thank you Claudio. 👍️