Open Source Alternatives for DeGoogling

Updated: 20221207

Check out this very complete reddit post.

The ones I currently use:

ToolDescriptionBetter experience than main-stream
Proton MailFor emailSame as
Libre WolfBrowser: a branch of FirefoxSame as
SignalAlternative to WhatsAppBetter
Proton CalendarCalendar appSame as
F-DroidAndroid App storeNot as complete as Playstore but filled with FOSS apps
FeedrRSS Feed ReaderBetter
VLC PlayerVideo playerDifferent
AegisMFA token managerBetter as it combines all types of OFT codes
Proton VPNVPN solutionVery robust
BoostReddit ClientBetter
BitwardenPassword ManagerBetter
OpenBoardAndroid KeyboardsNot as good (no swipe typing), but does the trick
OpenWeatherWeather forecastSame as
OsmAnd~Google maps alternative with navigationA little worse in terms of UI and traffic management
TextraSMS appBetter